Saturday, April 24, 2010

Policy or Disclaimer

Sometimes I write stories (in the preliminary version) which might come from my dream land but sound so familiar and close to our lives. Digging out the truth won’t do us any good. If something is real, people tend to say that it is fictitious to protect innocents. If something is fictitious, people promote it by saying that the least expected will come to you anytime anyhow. Some readers might wish them to be true while some do not. I have hereby determined that publishing my preliminary thoughts here is acceptable for the following reasons:

1.I offer a disclaimer that the contents here are not intended to harm any reader in any way;
2.My posting offers the readership of this blog a chance to research into the involved issues at their own cost and risk, eventually fostering our understanding of the society;
3.The term “professionalism” calls for a profession -- i.e., a money-making activity. Nevertheless, this blog is a consuming asset rather than a producing asset -- i.e., I don't get a (bloody) dollar for doing this. So I can be as professional or unprofessional as I want.
(I borrow some words from a blog by Mr. Brian Gill.)