Thursday, April 22, 2010

英文、創意、理論、實務、性 -- 2010雜念

A student, to my surprise, scored 240 points in 大專英檢(CSEPT), could not understand 
"All I can and will say is: Watch out the high opportunity costs of dealing with trash."
Well, maybe he was just lying.


Robert Solow once joked about Milton Friedman by writing something like: “Milton always writes about money (貨幣). Well, sex is constantly on my mind but I keep it away from my writing.” Since I am not Solow, I shall write a little bit about sex. And it is my blog, meaning that I can say whatever I want.
在我是學生的年代,健康教育都是偷偷地、仔細地讀完,絕大多數同學在20歲以前,還沒性經驗,也不會吹噓或假裝純真。當今的大學生,就不一樣了。請問:『關於那檔事 … 在我是學生的年代,我們是重理論;在30年後的今天,學生是重實務。』這樣敘述,可以嗎?

上週,Alex 與我幾秒鐘腦力激盪,產生一小品: 『我不是不會扣籃,只是目前還在鑽研理論的部份。』

Back to late 1980s, when I was a graduate student at Purdue. It was quite common (and possibly still is now) to see that students often shied away from taking theory courses (kind of dry). Recall that a decrease in supply will make the price go up. When theorists were hard to find, some students would brag about their expertise in theory. Professor James C. Moore, who was a solid economist (specializing in math econ and trade theory) and my role model for years, once said: “Do not claim you are a theorist unless you really are.” I still remember the reaction on the faces of those senior graduate students. It was a cold winter morning and the room was central-heated. After his words, the room was cold as outdoors and one could almost hear one's heart beat. Bingo!