Friday, May 06, 2011

Power acts upon you only if you presume it could

I saw it from my friend Jerry's page. Do not bother to check if he quoted from somewhere or he invented it. It is a good line anyhow.

一直不懂,為何學生常常有「被迫害妄想症」。 Is that because that they spent too much time on video games? Is that because 2012 is coming soon? 還是他們只是喜歡誇飾用語? 還是中學教育很少有「論說文寫作」?

『我還有學分在他手上,否則 ...』

『我沒有學分在你手上,哈哈 ...』




Come on! Grow up! It is a harsh world (reality) out there. Many years from now, you probably will agree with me in saying that campus life is the easiest part in your entire life.

I had a dream. A student who just realized that he or she failed my course only had a quick response, "fuck (or shit)!" and moved on his or her life. A student who received high mark from me only had a quick response, "Thanks!"

What a wonderful world it would be! Of course, I must say that I am not complaining at all. If you cannot stand the heat, stay away from the kitchen.

To conclude, I will say: Believe what you choose to believe; get ready for paying the high costs of being ignorant or naive.