Friday, June 19, 2009

清流 是稀有財 that is why the history will mark a high price on it!

A relatively less experienced academic friend of mine who is teaching at a school that does not seem to get all the due blessing as we thought. I quote his/her words:
"I don't have power; I don't have a position; I don't have administrative ambition; I don't have anyone to count on; and I haven't got another university to go to.
What I do have, and do not want to be taken away however, is the last glimpse of dignity, and even lesser, that little tiny integrity remained."

That was after I reminded him/her of how being trapped in office politics will harm one's academic career. I used my own experience as an example.

突然想到前天夜間新聞,DPP 中常會(?)裡,大夥興奮地討論某位立委,著藍色緊身褲、吊單槓之創舉。媒體與現場的DPP要員,似乎很陶醉之時,鏡頭帶過幾次,只有一位較年輕的與會者(段宜康),頭都不抬,默默閱讀桌上資料。我,一位失聯20年、迄今未投過任何一票的前KMT成員,不該會是唯一注意到這個畫面的人吧!