Wednesday, November 24, 2010

賤嘴創意笑話 An office joke inspired by those who know who they really are

A secretary recently changed password for her computer at work. One day, her boss was in a hurry to use that computer but realized that he did not know the new password.

The computer only showed the hint for password: "That is who you are."

The boss tried several passwords such as hero, king, bratpitt, boss, ceo, Hitler, handsome, beautiful, god, and even honey but all in vain.

"What the hell the PASSWORD is! Can anyone here tell me about it?" shouted by the boss.

..... silence ...... silence

"Idiot," softly said by the secretary.

The boss could hardly hear that. So he raised his voice, "What did you say?"

"Idiot," again nearly whispered by the secretary.

Another employee just passed by and was shock, "What did you say? Dare you! How could you reveal his nickname?"

"I was just giving him the PASSWORD." said by the poor secretary.

Next day the company strictly prohibited setting the PASSWORD on any computer.