Monday, November 05, 2007

better take caution in making the signature file

Recently I was so impressed by a working paper entitled "False Modesty" that I even asked my senior group to write a senior thesis along that line. Can they do a good job? Who knows? Anyway they can just be modest in everything....... By the way,
I bet that this working paper will appear in some top econ journal some day soon.

Just got an email from my young and restless pal, Jerry.
This time he did not put Ph.D. right after his full name. [Gee! He might have monitored my moves all the time.]
Instead, he did something creative and down-to-earth.

He put: Jerry the Research Oriented assistant-Professor

I always enjoy learning from my younger friends, not necessarily including my students.
So, maybe my signature file can be:

the profit-oriented Associate Professor
asshole (according to my numerous diehard enemies)