Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Some recent thoughts -- unknown or unimportant to many; important to few; ignored by a few

title: 為何不讀書? A trivial question with many simple answers. November 27, 2013 at 9:56pm (on my FB Notes) 父母責怪孩子不讀書 孩子抱怨: 您們不是也不讀書嗎 父母: 我們不是不讀書 只是忙著賺錢 才能供你們讀書 父母: 我們就是從前不讀書 現在才指望你們讀書 老師責怪學生不讀書 學生抱怨: 您們不是也不讀書嗎 老師: 我們不是不讀書 只是忙著教書 才能賺你們父母的錢 老師: 我們不是不讀書 以前就讀過啦 Question: 以前讀過的書 還能跟得上主流嗎? Some professors argued that one must know (differential) calculus in order to understand principles of economics. Well, all I can say is that Professor N. G. Mankiw at Harvard University has to work harder to make his textbook popular. Pity! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- title: For pleasure or for business? Some have both -- with hidden cost however. November 27, 2013 at 9:35pm (on my FB Notes) 教師請公假 必須補課 教師請公差假 不必補課 有些奇怪吧 有一趟校外參訪 旅費與餐費 都不必自己出錢 原本一些教師 似乎沒啥意願 參訪 可以 請公差假 意願 就浮上檯面 Here comes the magic formula: pleasure + business + reduced work load = incentive. My question is: Who the hell bears the hidden cost?