Thursday, March 11, 2010


天兵秦同學 (I truly do not want to reveal his identity) 在FB留了些蠻白目的話,我用暗喻提醒他,此類留言,應該匿名行之。沒想到,天兵竟追問:要如何匿名留言啊?
Here are my suggestions.

(1). Put all those trash/garbage talk on Word document and submit it electronically to the newspaper with a pen name that can strongly convince the editor that the author is some idiot. Since most people will never admit that they are idiots, the editor might take special interest in checking it out immediately. Pen name must be used since you have no right to ruin the reputation of your school or work place.

If (1) does not work (and I bet in any amount of money that it won't), try (2).

(2). Write all those trash/garbage talk on toilet papers. Use them to wipe your butt and flush them to the toilet. It is nice because you can do it daily. By doing so, you will accomplish the task of bringing 'talking shits' and 'real shits' together. It also leaves no evidence and comply with the recycling policy. In addition, if you use heavy ink while writing and wipe hard on your butt, names of those in the context might be accidentally printed on your butt. In a way, one could say that someone is kissing your ass. Is that amazing or what?