Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Inputs solicited

What follow are my potential research topics in Fall 2007-Spring 2008 and so on. Any constructive inputs or references are solicited and deeply appreciated. Whoever wishes to coach me or collaborate with me is welcome to drop me a note.

Exactly How Much Economics do We Need for Studying Cultural and Creative Industries?

Globalization on Campus: a Public Good or a Signal for Better Quality?
(校園國際化 -- 是公共財?還是彰顯高品質的訊號?)

Can Wenzao College Be Operated as An International Business?

Are there Evidences of Self-selection among College Professors in Taiwan?

Are Taiwanese Students Acting as Voters in Completing the Teaching Evaluation Questionnaires?

Why do All Universities in Taiwan Have abnormal Teaching Evaluation Statistics (over 4.0 on the five-point scale) -- A Game-theoretic Preliminary Interpretation

Carrots in Daylight and Sticks in the Dark -- An Economic Analysis

Identifying the Principal-Agent Scenarios on Campus in Taiwan